Today, many people are in a lot of pain because of obesity. when someone talks about obesity, one will think about a lot of fat concentration in the body but it can also be as a result of other critic health conditions. 

It can be fully prevented by being fit. Then one ask me how can achieve fitness, the answer is clear: GOOD NUTRITION+ REGULAR EXCERCISE= FITNESS.

You can eat 6 times a day but still if you are doing regular workouts, then you will probably not become fatty. so here we can see the 

benefits of fitness as applied to the whole body.

💪Your blood pressure stays within the normal range

💪The heart and the lungs work effectively to supply your body cells with plenty of oxygen

💪The heart increases in size and strength, reducing its work load. Cholesterol levels can be lowered. The risk of heart disease is reduced.

💪Bones can absorb minerals more easily, reducing the risk of the bone disease osteoporosis.

💪A conditioned body is mobile. Muscles are strong and flexible and less likely to stiffen and eventually to cause pain and injury.

💪The flow of energy in the body is increased.

💪You burn calories efficiently, helping you body maintain an appropriate body weight.

💪Lung capacity is increased, keeping you from becoming breathless when you climb stairs, run to cat


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